Saudi Arabia is the land where Islam started and where the two holy mosques are located. Thus, a considerable amount of scholarship, high education and even sponsorship has gone to Islamic studies. This has accordingly affected the amount of scholarship, high education and sponsorship has been dedicated to other fields, including the field of educational technologies. For example, although in the country research on Islamic studied is actually popular and the history of Islam is well documented, research on educational technologies is however limited and the history of such technologies in the country has not been subject to well documentation. An interviewee show another aspect of this challenge, which is that ‘Saudi sponsors are willing to invest in Islamic studies so that they become closer to God, but investment in such a field as educational technologies is seen by them as something that does not bring one closer to God’ (in his words). Sponsorship of Islamic studies comes to Saudi Arabia not only from Saudi society alone but moreover from the international Islamic community. That said, the field of Islamic studies has sophisticated methods of documenting their history and events, and therefore the field of educational technologies should seek to learn about these methods so as to become more able to document its history and events.


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